Jun 17 2009

My Query Letter

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Hello. This is an early draft of my query letter for Don’t Forget the Death Ray!, a book about how to write superhero stories.

Dear [Agent’s Name],

I’d like to sell a fun and informative book about how to write superhero novels and comic books. Don’t Forget the Death-Ray! would be aimed at readers aged 13-18.

My main writing credential is that I run Superhero Nation, a writing advice website that has had 150,000 readers in the past two years. My superhero writing advice is credible and effective. In addition, I have three years of experience writing for college newspapers.

I am better-suited to reach teen readers than most of the authors currently writing in this field. Most of them are 40-something or 50-something comic book writers. They have experience that would be absolutely critical to older readers, but teen readers also value relatability. I believe that the success of my website is evidence of that. As a college senior myself, I relate to teens very easily. Additionally, the experience I have– winning a grant to write a superhero novel manuscript– is more relevant to young readers. I’m very familiar with the ground-level of the industry and how to succeed as a newcomer. In contrast, most competing authors broke into the industry twenty or thirty years ago.

Please let me know if you would like me to send a proposal. I can be reached at superheronation@gmail.com or [phone number] or [address].



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