Mar 24 2009

A Friendly Reminder for Self-Publishing Comic Book Writers

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Grant proposals for the Xeric Foundation have to be postmarked by March 31. Xeric helps underwrite some of the cost of self-publishing.  Self-publishing is highly dangerous, especially for new authors, but grants like these can help minimize your financial liabilities if the project flops.  If you’re interested in applying for a grant, please let me know if I can provide any advice with the proposal.

When you ask for funds, I’d recommend including these three elements in your budget.

  1. Artistic labor.  Having 24 pages inked and colored will probably cost you somewhere between $1200-2400.
  2. Printing costs.
  3. Marketing and promotions.  How are you going to sell your book?  How much will you allot for promotions?  What is your promotions strategy?  (Bear in mind that Xeric funds cannot be spent on convention costs or website design, but they can be used on advertising).

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Xeric grants rarely go above $5000.
  • Xeric grants can be used to produce or distribute your work.  Printing, color separation, photocopying, solicitation, shipping, advertising, and securing an ISBN or domain name are acceptable.  Xeric funds cannot be used on website design,  living expenses, art supplies, convention costs, T-shirts, postcards, phone bills or posters.
  • Customers are not going to come to you and you probably have no name recognition.  Explain how Xeric’s funds will help you reach them.

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