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Jun 07 2011

How much do comic book writers make?

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One financial planning website (!?) reports comic book authors are usually paid about $80-$150 per page.  I’ve never handled any financial details for any publishing company (and wouldn’t publicly discuss any numbers if I had), but that strikes me as plausible.   I would, however, guess that really small comic houses typically pay less than $80 a page.


In comparison, novelists make much less than $80 a page.  Novelists typically earn an advance of ~$6000 for their first-published novels if they have agents and ~$3500 if they do not.   If your novel manuscript has 80,000 words (about 275 pages), that’d work out to $21 per page if you have an agent and $13 otherwise.  Theoretically, you might make additional money if your novel sells well enough to clear the advance, but that is highly unusual for debut novels.

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