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Dec 19 2012

Have You Had a Writing-Heavy Day Job? Share Your Experience

I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

One young writer emailed today about writing jobs. If you’d be interested in sharing your experience and building your online presence, please write an article about a writing position you’ve held. (Preferably this article would help a college student or recent graduate learn more about the job and/or land it).


If you’d like some ideas to get you started, here are some points which could help:

  • Brief overview of the job.
  • What does a typical workday or week look like?
  • What is most challenging about your job?
  • What did you like most about your job? Least?
  • What sort of coursework and/or extracurricular experience might be helpful for succeeding in this job? (For example, if you’re interested in writing online ads, the ability to automate basic tasks in Excel will make your life a LOT easier).
  • Skills/traits most important to getting position.
  • Interview tips.
  • Resume tips.
  • Anything you wish you had known about the job before you started or when you were in college.
  • Knowing what you do now, is there anything you would have done to prepare for the job?
  • Any resources you would recommend for people looking to get into this field.


Optional Details

  • As long as the article gives a decent introduction to a writing job, everything else is flexible.
  • If you would benefit from a length guideline rather than something more open-ended, many of our articles are in the 250-500 word range.
  • If you’d prefer a structure to follow, you can use this as a template if you’d like.

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