Jan 02 2012

Please Don’t Write a Story *About* Superpowers

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Instead of a story about superpowers, please write a story about characters who have them. The superpowers are just a means to an end (a dramatic plot and interesting characters).  Rather than worrying too much about the superpowers themselves, which I think is usually a waste of time, please worry more about the characters and the plotting, which ultimately matter a lot more.  Specifically:

  • The characters’ personalities and key traits.  (Red flag: the synopsis for the book spends more time covering the character’s superpowers than their personalities).
  • Their goals.
  • Their unusual decisions.  What are some things the protagonists do that most other protagonists wouldn’t do in the same situation?
  • Their voices.
  • The scenes the characters use the superpowers in.
  • Secondarily, any unique touches on your superpowers and how you portray them.

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  1. B. McKenzieon 02 Jan 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks to the Google user who found Superhero Nation by searching for how to write a story about superpowers for indirectly suggesting this article.

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