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Nov 16 2010

Bitter Seeds is pretty incredible so far…

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Through the first several chapters, I’m amazed by the quality of the writing of Bitter Seeds, a paranormal 1920s-1940s novel not merely straddling but making sweet, sweet love to the line between superhero fiction and urban fantasy.  I hope it will retain the charm after we get move heavily into the paranormal WWII stuff.

Some early highlights:

  • The author, Ian Tregillis, is preposterously good at handling settings and scene-building.  Even if you read the first chapter for nothing else, I would recommend checking out how Tregellis uses setting details to set the mood and develop characterization.  (Hint: those kid-sized burial mounds outside the Nazi laboratory?  Not influenza victims).
  • The writing is remarkably tight.  Nothing is wasted.
  • The main character establishes himself pretty early.  Even as a child, he’s sort of interesting.

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