Apr 14 2010

Query Call

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Here’s some of the Google queries I got yesterday…
  • what do good superhero stories have?  Usually, some combination of interesting characters, unusual-feeling plots, suspense, sharp dialog and/or intense action.  Main character(s) that are likable and relatable don’t hurt, either.
  • Memorable phrases for killtacular people. Off the top of my head, “he’s dropped more bodies than an epileptic pallbearer.”  The Wire used “he’s got more bodies on him than a Chinese cemetery.”
  • common questions when designing a superhero character.  Please see this.
  • Can I decapitate somebody in a YA novel? F*** no.
  • how to copy write a superhero charictor.  Good news: Your work is protected by US copyright laws as soon as it is written.  Bad news: No one will want to steal your writing until you’re good enough to figure out how to spell “character.”

  • how to format a superhero script.  If your publisher has a formatting style in mind, they’ll give it to you in the submission guidelines.  For example, Dark Horse has its script guide here.  If the company doesn’t describe what kind of formatting it wants, you can either use DH-style formatting or whatever gives the same information and is easy to read.
  • how to write the words to a song about a made-up superhero who challenges a washing machine. Your teacher must hate you.
  • what genre would a superhero novel be? It depends on the plot, but most are in sci-fi or action/adventure.  Comedy, romance and fantasy are definitely possible.
  • exploding toasters… are decidedly awesome.
  • army uniforms… are decidedly not.  (Not even in the same league as USAF blue tiger stripes, though).
  • classic superhero plots.  The most basic formula is centered around a villain’s plot.  The first “act” introduces the character that will end up defeating the villain.  In the second portion, the villain begins to implement his plan and fights the hero, usually defeating him.  In the third portion, the hero defeats the villain at the point just before the villain would do Really Bad Stuff by achieving his plan.   There are many ways to mix this up, of course.  For example, Al Simmons’ death is the inciting event of Spawn.  It happens rather early in the story.

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  1. J. Teeron 14 Apr 2010 at 10:41 am

    Sorry for posting in this topic B. Mac, but I can’t find the thread for general discussion. Could you link it up? I’ll be sure to bookmark it this time.

  2. Wingson 14 Apr 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Well, I’m not B. Mac, but is this what you were looking for?


    – Wings

  3. J. Teeron 14 Apr 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks Wings.

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