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Feb 28 2013

Outside of the U.S.? I Need Your Help!

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I’m currently writing a page for a U.S. company which is targeting business worldwide. At one point, we have a form which asks for a “ZIP code” rather than a “postal code” or “postcode.” As far as I’m aware, only the U.S. and the Philippines use the phrase “ZIP code.” Would the phrase “zip code” be hard to understand and/or annoying for many international readers? It seems like it could be a problem. Then again, I have been pleasantly flummoxed before–while writing a proposal for The Taxman Must Die, I asked ~20 international readers if they knew what the IRS was, and almost all of them did (including several readers too young to have paid income taxes).  Apparently antipathy for taxmen is global. 🙂



I categorized this post as “Questions, Frequently-Asked and Otherwise.” Umm… definitely otherwise, I think.

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