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Jan 13 2013

A Brief Review of the Only Redeeming Feature of Cars 2

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I won’t mince words: this movie was generally disastrous, juvenile, and the plot was driven by idiocy. However, the final confrontation between the hero and the villain is incredible–the best of any Pixar movie. If you need help writing a more interesting climax to your story, I’d recommend checking it out.


Here’s a spoiler-laden breakdown of the scene:

  • The hero has a few minutes before a bomb will kill him. Only the lead villain (identity unknown) can defuse it.
  • In this situation, most heroes would run off with the bomb to ensure it does not risk anybody else (e.g. Dark Knight Rises).
  • The hero instead confronts a character meeting with the Queen on a wild-eyed hunch that this character is the villain.


Here’s a few reasons this makes for an incredible scene:

  • The confrontation between the hero and lead villain is not a fight. The hero uses the bomb to blackmail the villain into defusing the bomb (thereby admitting that he is the villain). This confrontation is much more interesting than a fight would have been (particularly considering that neither the hero nor the villain is an especially capable combatant).
  • There is doubt as to whether the main character’s actually picked out the villain correctly. Besides being a successful businessman, there isn’t any reason to guess that the CEO is a supervillain.
  • This confrontation raises the stakes beyond just the main character dying. His plan brings several civilians (including the Queen) into risk if the bomb goes off. First, this was effective because I cared more about the side-characters–the main character was so relentlessly annoying up until this point that I was hoping he would die. Second, this created an unexpected and surprisingly dramatic conflict with non-villains (the Queen’s security team).

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Jan 13 2013

Silverfish’s Review Forum

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Silverfish: “I’m writing a novel about facing your fears and learning from your past mistakes. The story is told from the perspective of a superhuman with incredible power, but a flawed personality and with much to learn. He is chased by the demons from his past: not only the hauntings from his past mistakes, but also the superhuman cult he has recently betrayed. At least at the start, a lot of the updates on this forum will be character and setting development.”


“My target audience: 16-20 year olds that enjoy action with moments of emotional turmoil. This will probably be targeted more towards a more stereotypical male audience, as I do not intend on including a romance throughout the novel, and the violence might be quite graphic.”


“Author experience: I have no professional experience in writing, though I definitely need to improve my writing skills as they are, put mildly, bad. Therefore, I would ask that you please be polite, but do criticise my work when needed.”


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