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  1. M. Happenstanceon 11 Mar 2012 at 9:14 pm

    [insert witty opening remark here]

    I’m a sci-fi writer who specializes in robots, superheroes, and robot superheroes. However, due to my crippling indecisiveness, I’ve usually got four or five different projects running at once.

    So here’s what’s currently active:

    Untitled (the flagship)

    In a city where superheroes are being systematically murdered by an untraceable killer, a mercenary and a scattered team of B-listers may be the only things standing in the path of anarchy. Our “heroes”: a hired gun with a cryptic agenda, a superheroine struggling to balance protecting her team and her obsession with revenge, and a blood manipulator whose inability to accept his own abilities is close to driving him insane. As they attempt to unravel the mystery of the hero killings, they in turn discover an even deeper conspiracy; one that might hold the answers to everything.

    This is the behemoth of the bunch – it’s been in development for at least two years now, and shows no signs of slowing down. There’s a projected sequel, as well as several side-stories fleshing out the mythology of the universe, but at present I’m concentrating only on the first novel.

    From Ashes (working title)

    The year is 2259, and a nation has been conquered by its own creations. A widowed wanderer seeks to find his son and avenge his wife, but finds himself reassessing his view of the world. An amnesiac robot girl looks for the past life she can’t recall, but finds a future one instead. A refugee assimilates into humanity and hunts for a way to repair his lover’s ruined mind. A scientist searches for the child she built decades ago. And finally, a broken immortal reflects on the world he once knew in between flashes of madness.

    I’m not really sure where this one came from – it started out as a writing challenge sent to me from a friend, but it’s evolved far beyond that. However, I worry that it doesn’t have the, for lack of a better word, depth of the other three stories currently active. Since the plot is relatively simplistic, the characters could use some fleshing out.

    Crepuscular (actual title)

    Aspiring screenwriter Ella Ravenscroft moves to a small beach town in Washington with her father in order to escape from increasing tensions with her inattentive and borderline apathetic mother, though it means leaving her half-brother behind in L.A. However, when she encounters and eventually befriends the vampire in her English class, she winds up disrupting the balance of a supernatural masquerade which has remained untouched for centuries. At the same time, she reunites with a childhood friend who’s gained some secrets of his own.

    It started out as a twist on the Twilight formula, but as time went on it spun out into a full-fledged novel. Though there are still some vestiges of the era where it was a straight-up Twilight rewrite made in response to one too many fans saying “Well, let’s see you do better,” I can confidently say that it’s become much more than that.

    Asphodel (also actual title)

    When a vaporization ray malfunctions during a high-stakes battle, a superhero and a supervillain find themselves trapped in an alternate dimension, with neither sure when or even if they’ll be able to get back to their own. And this is only the tip of the iceberg…

    A character-driven piece that started out as an exercise in character voice and first-person POV, Asphodel is a series of interconnected short stories revolving around a pair of unconventional adversaries. Which would explain why it’s so extraordinarily hard to summarize adequately.

    There’s a couple other sporadically active pieces (this weirdly happy coming-of-age story, another one about robots, some time travel, and a bunch of short stories) but these ones are the most prominent.

    Guess that’s all for the moment. Hope to see you around!

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