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Mar 01 2012

Nightwire’s Review Forum

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

NW writes:

“I’ve been gestating a concept for my steampunk-superhero novel, Ghost In The Machine. It is set in a Constructed World plagued with individuals who suffer from a mental condition called Tinker’s Syndrome (or Mad Scientist’s Disease).


My protagonist, a young Tinker named Matthew Bartholomew Grayson, is a sophomore at the University of Cogsworth (think Unseen University for mad scientists). He is the son of Maxwell Grayson, a renowned toymaker (for being the only one of his craft to include a self-destruct mechanism in his toys).


Matthew’s alter-ego is the Gremlin of Cogsworth. He has some sort of mind-link to a dead gremlin, which effectively causes him to share his mind between two bodies (the human one and the gremlin one). He is able to jump conciousness between two bodies at will, yet he cannot control both at one. So whenever he uses one body, the other one is basically dead.

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Mar 01 2012

InfiniteRider’s Review Forum

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Infinite Rider writes: “My story is in the developmental stage. Here’s a general overview:


The story takes place sometime in the future. A new sport has started, Air Riding.  (Name tentative. Maybe something with Gravity or Aero).  Air Riding is a sport where riders use air boards or OT Skates to race around the city. The city is filled with gangs and these gangs all have their own territories and emblems to mark them.


Air Riding is used to Race for territory, battle, etc. Need For Speed sort of feel.


I want my main character to be a delinquent that gets in way over his head when he tries to race a member of an infamous gang. After experiencing a humiliating defeat he decides to get better. While doing so he makes his own gang and starts to work his way up.


How does this sound? I’m really just writing this for entertainment purposes but I may decide to go for a more serious approach. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.”

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