Jan 30 2012

Witch Doctor has a very clever cover

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Witch Doctor is a Lovecraftian medical thriller graphic novel.  According to one reviewer, “The metaphysics they reveal through the gruesome adventures in this volume has a weird internal consistency, but it’s so cockeyed and frankly revolting that I can honestly say it never occurred to me before they scarred me with it.”


I haven’t read it, so I can’t comment on the writing, but I think the cover is very informative. Witch Doctor’s cover does a very good job of marketing itself to prospective readers that would be interested (although I’m probably not one of them).  Even the logo is eye-catching.


Graphic Novel Cover: Witch Doctor Volume 1

  • The character’s personality comes across in his appearance.
  • I like the twists on actual medical symbols (Caduceus’s snakes become demonic leeches, the medical staff is replaced with a bloody sword, and even the Red Cross gets subverted).
  • The red, white and black color scheme is striking.
  • The art is actually similar to what you’ll see inside the book.  One thing I find annoying is when the cover looks really solid but the art inside is at best mediocre.
  • The cover gives me a very good idea of what the series is about.

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