Jul 16 2011

I’m on pace to beat my 2011 resolutions…

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This year, my main goals were to build my audience by 25% and post 100 writing articles.

  • Last year, I averaged about 13,000 visits and 32,000 page-views per month.  So far this year, I’m averaging 20,000 visits and 43,000 page-views per month.  So far, that’s roughly a 50% increase in monthly visits and a 35% increase in monthly page-views.  However, a lot of the new traffic was driven by superhero movie launches, and I can’t count on that year-round.  (For the most part, superhero movies only come out from May-August).
  • My goal was 100 writing articles.  So far, I’m on pace for 106.
  • My final goal was to get published.  I haven’t put in enough work on that front.

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One Response to “I’m on pace to beat my 2011 resolutions…”

  1. Wingson 21 Jul 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Me, I wanted to finish any one of my novels* this summer, and Strawberries and the Meaning of Life doesn’t count since it was last year’s NaNo.

    …Halfway through, nothing has happened. Granted, I was on vacation for 2 weeks. I also wrote a series of pointless AU sidestories which did very little. At least I got some worldbuilding down…

    And next school year I have SANDWICH (the Superiorly Artistic Network of Dedicated Writers Interested in Creating Happiness), the finest writing club I have ever co-founded. So all is not yet lost.

    – Wings

    *Most likely Darken’s book, Chessmen, or Crepuscular, which was elevated to novel status after I realized it was so much more than a mere Twilight rewrite.

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