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May 16 2011

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I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories.

Hey, I’m Aine and I’m writing a sci-fi superhero comic book series.


Issue One:
“Jumpstart Evolution”
Danny and Eli get powers from an explosion that releases mutagenic gass at the mall and become superheroes to help protect the helpless and determine the origins of the gas.


Issue Two:
“The Advent of Cool”
There’s a new hero on the scene but she’s way too skilled for someone who just got her powers last week. Besides, what could she be running from this early in her superhero career?


Issue Three:
“The Revolution will be Televised”
The famous “rockstar*” comes to Edgemont. The only thing worse than her music is the fact she can control people’s minds through her songs. And the concert will be broadcast world wide…
*Actually makes pop music with lots of guitar, but in the end it is still pop.** You can tell because the album reads Scarlett Day, not NameOfBandHere.
**Think Britney Spears music with extra guitar.


Target Audience includes teens and young adults of either gender (being a female comic reader I get greatly annoyed we get left out when writers and illustrators tailor their work to an all male audience (Hence Starfire and Madeleine Pryor’s costumes) yet at the same time I recognize we female comic readers are minority and need to keep the male audience in mind if we want to be successful). People who liked the Teen Titans, early Spider-Man, and X-Men will probably enjoy this.


Spare nothing- I want to know how to attain mass appeal while staying loyal to my premise. If I do something that will turn off prospective readers I want to be because I choose so since I’m stubborn and don’t want to change, not because I’m ignorant and don’t know it could benefit from being changed.”

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