Jun 13 2010

The Man on the Moon’s Review Forum

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  1. The Man on the Moonon 20 Jun 2010 at 12:44 pm

    The original idea behind the world of Anarchy in Black is as follows.

    America: The major cities are futuristic, sleek, chrome, and in every sense of the word Utopian. Other cities are run down, with buildings on top of buildings that seem to stare down upon the denizens, covered in refinery’s and full of workers. The washington memorial was destroyed during the war on terror and was rebuilt, now so tall that you can see it anywhere in america, and it can see you. The tower is refered to as the spinal cord, a joke on the what people think is a myth, but is true, that the tower holds a super computer that runs the country, called Head. Underneath the tower is wires that lead to every house in the country. The person in the white house is a figure head obviously. The law is enforced by Units, robotic beings controled by the super computer.

    The rest of the world: Asia fell to its lack of woman to multiply with. Europe fell apart after its economy fell. The Middle East was nuked at the end of the war after they destroyed the Washington Memorial, and almost the white house. Russia is still divided over communism. Mexico was destroyed by drugs and gangs. The only other place in the world that hasnt fallen apart is Canada.

    Main characters:
    Wayne Adams: A idealist in a cynical world. His parents were killed in a bombing when he was 2 in 2015. He was found by a mercenary organization. He was branded Agent 13 over the fact the better you are at killing the lower your number. He refused to kill but showed abilities at strategizing and aiming. During his first mission in the middle east he killed 9 members of the organization including Agent 1, agent 2 escaped and became patriot, one the government agent superheroes. He was dying from blood loss in the desert when Anarchist found him.

    Lysander: A ancient spartan with no qualms about killing anyone. An ancient spartan who along with his brother was exposed to a meteorite’s radiation and became immortal. the only thing that caused lasting wounds was metal from it. the brother attempted to kill each other with shards of the meteorite. They eventually stopped and escaped with large amount of the steel. Lysander would go on to become a spartan general while his brother far in the future became attila. He is deemed the Overwatcher sometime in his life and it stuck. He was recruited by Anarchist.

    Anarchist: A leader with a higher intellegance. Seemingly finds the government to be opressive and fights to overthrow it. Is in his 60’s but is in peak physical condition in mind and body. Recruited Adams and Lysander in his crusade. He is not as he seems.

    President David Moore: enstated by the government in 2012 and tries to maintain the illusion he is in control. He has been in office since then to 2050. He must deal with a falling country throughout the series and tries to see Anarchists ideals as being better for the people.

    Agent 2/Patriot: A self serving mercenary who was hired to pretend to be a patriotic super hero.

    Lysander’s brother: A insane immortal who is being controlled by the government through nano bots. I cant think of a patriotic name for him or a birth name.

    Head: A supercomputer that is actually in control of the american continent.

  2. The Man on the Moonon 20 Jun 2010 at 12:46 pm

    It seems that youve gotten the name of the forum wrong, I just saw this while looking at the recent comments. Made me laugh.

  3. B. Macon 20 Jun 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Ack, sorry. I’ve fixed it.

  4. The Man on the Moonon 22 Jun 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Heres a basic summary of the plot

    It opens up on Adams in the desert covered in blood and heavily wounded. It procceds to skip ahead 15 years to the city of New Arkham, a basic middle ground between Utopia and Distopia. We find Wayne in the now destroyed mayors office in the archive sections. The area is empty of bodies because it was evacuated before the explosion. He downloads all the information about the washington monuments rebuilding and leaves a bomb planted on the computers to destroy evidence. He proceeds to return to Anarchists safehouse and give him the newly aquired information. We switch to the white house where the president is briefing Patriot and lysander’s brother on the terrorists in New Arkham and tells them to put a stop to there destruction. Back in New Arkham Anarchist is ready to make his move and preoceeds to rally the homeless and the workers into a mob and sends them to destroy all the governmental buildings and Units. While they’re doing that Overwatcher is sent to kill the Mayor, He is shown to enjoy this immensly. After successfuly destroying any traces of the government anarchist declares all of New Arkham free and they’re Headquarters for the war. Wayne hacks into every computer in america to show Anarchist’s message of absolute freedom across the nation 24/7 for two weeks before the government gets back the signal. The president is shown cracking under pressure about now as entire states are succeding to anarchism, he is getting more and more worried over what Hewd will do to the people if he doesnt stop the terrorists. Lysanders brother is shown to have tracked Lysander to New York were they proceed to kill each other after disscussing they’re history. Anarchist sends Wayne to fly a plane into the pentagon. after bording he is attacked by patriot who taunts him over his inability to kill him, after which patriot rips his mask off and berates him over barely scarring his face, let alone barely surviving the fight. Agent 13 proceeds to loose it and slits Patriots throat and tries to jump out of the plane when he finds out Anarchist intended for him to die. We cut to Anarchist destroying Washington D.C. and after killing all the guards, climbing the Washington Memorial to confront Head, after talking for a short time he punches his fist through it. We go back to Wayne who has survived the crash. We then see his past where we are shown he slaughtered the rest of the organization over innocents being killed. He then finds a package for him half buried in rubble where Anarchist reveals that he killed his parents and was Agent 1 adn manipulated them all to destroy america. Anarchist is shown to basically disapear after replacing the american flag on top of the white house with a black one.

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