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Oct 26 2009

A few notes for SN’s prospective colorers

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If you’re here because you’d like to color the comic book I’m working on, please keep reading. If not, you’ll probably find this pretty boring.

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Oct 26 2009

UPDATED: Please Help Me Pick a Colorer! (New Candidates!)

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Page 20, panel 1 inked and colored/shaded by Rebecca

I’m a few days away from completing my first issue’s script and I’m gearing up to complete the art sample for publishers.  This is the sort of style I’m going for– realistic with mild stylization.  Phoenix Wright is another example of that. 

Unfortunately, the artist that did the coloring here (Rebecca) isn’t actually available to color the comic because it would take too much time and she’s already doing the comic’s inks.  So, barring some significant advancements in the field of cloning, I need to take on a colorer.  I posted on a few boards have gotten about 60 responses. 

In particular, I’m looking for…

  • Quality– is the portfolio consistently clean and competent?
  • Stylistic compatibility
  • Non-creepiness–the publisher may invite my colorer to promotional events, so I need someone that will reflect well on us.  Relatedly, here’s a professional tip to the two artists that included Sonic fan-art in their portfolios: Don’t. 

I narrowed it down to seven applicants so far.  Here’s a sample work from each.  What do you think?

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